"Daddy" Grace


Bishop Charles M. Grace, known to his followers as "Sweet Daddy Grace", was born in Cape Verde Islands , Portugal in 1884. He came to America in 1903, and settled in New Bedford , Massachusetts . He was the founder, builder and organizer of the United House of Prayer for All People. To his followers he was a spiritual leader, counselor, and father and was affectionately called by them, "Daddy."

Bishop Charles M. Sweet Daddy Grace C.M. "Sweet Daddy" Grace

Later in 1919, he built the first House of Prayer by hand in West Wareham , Massachusetts . Soon after founding the United House of Prayer for All People in the 1920s, Bishop Grace was the leader of what became a huge nationwide congregation. The flamboyant "Sweet Daddy Grace," was an effective evangelist who preached revival in a Pentecostal tradition that included brass "shout bands" and public baptisms. Grace claimed great powers and developed a line of products including "Daddy Grace" coffee, tea, soaps, and hand creams reputed to have healing properties.

Daddy Grace portrait

His first big success came five years later when he opened a church in Charlotte (Former Brooklyn Neighborhood). By the time of his death in 1960, the church he founded had become a denomination and Grace himself a rich man. The United House of Prayer has about 3.5 million members and is headquartered in Washington , D.C.

Bishop C.M. Grace Funeral